ShinoxKiba is teh pure smex.

o u t d o o r l o v e ~ <3

Outdoor <3 - A ShinoxKiba Community
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This is a community to share the ShinoxKiba love.


Don't put anyone down. All opinions are welcome.

Anything is fair game here. Post wallpapers, icons, fanart, fanfiction, links, thoughts-- whatever.

Basic rules apply. (ie grammer, english, physics, gravity..)

No flaming. No homophobics. If you don't like it, please tell me why you're here?

Don't question the mods, for the mods are teh awsome, and they keep the community running. Bye-bye mods, bye-bye community.

Put pictures/fanfiction/icons/etc behind LJ-cut with appripriate warnings.

When you join, post something about yourself and one reason why ShinoxKiba is teh smex!

Have fun.

The admin of this community is _likeastar.

Arigatou gozaimasu!